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DaniClin Sheet type provides quick & easy-to-use solution. The sheet contains an agent that keeps away dust mites. Just place it under bed sheets, pillows, carpets, and the bottom of drawers, closets, etc. and keep-away effect lasts for 6 months or so. There’s no other product like this in the market and it is extraordinary low cost solution compared with dust mite proof bed covers, etc. DaniClin Sheet type can be instant turnkey solution without needing to change bed sheets, etc.

Anti-bacterial & Low odor Just place in the closet or under the bed!

Feature No. 1 Just place under the bed or carpet. Simple and powerful, it repels mites.

Feature No. 2 Non-insecticidal. It is safe to use on beds and other areas where there is contact with the skin.

Feature No. 3 Anti-bacterial & Low odor It suppresses germs from growing with anti-bacterial effect. *It does not protect from all bacteria. Feature

Feature No. 4 Lasts about 6 months. Even after 6 months, it can be reused by spraying with “Dani Clean Spray type.” (Please refer to the instructions for the spray type when refabricating.)




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