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This makeup remover can take off even heavy makeup without harsh rubbing. It quickly breaks up stubborn makeup and mascara. Its water-soluble oil rinses off quickly and cleanly, without stressing the skin. It protects the skin’s essential ceramide to prevent dryness and leave the skin moisturized. Contains an active anti-inflammatory.

The cause of Dry & Sensitive skin

Ceramide is the natural ingredient found in skin, it maintains the ability of self-moisturizing and screening performance of moisture loss. In heathy and normal skin, it leads the skin moisture align in positions and stores properly among cells, which create a natural barrier against moisture loss and external harm. For dry & sensitive skin, the barrier is weak in structure and found less ceramide present deep in the skin structure.

How CUREL helps

With the exclusively developed ingredients, Kao CUREL series give us a rich replenishment of ceramide, and reach the deepest part of skin, being nourished and improved in structure. For a substantial use of 2 weeks, many users found an obvious improvement in skin texture and are happy with the performance, and that’s why Kao CUREL is recommended by many regional dermatologists.


[Active ingredient]
Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate

[Other ingredients]
Liquid paraffin, isononyl isononanoate, PEG laurate, octyldodecanol, POE oleate (20) sorbitan, POE sorbit tetraoleate, alkyl-1,3- Dimethylbutyl ether, dimethicone, light isoparaffin, polyglyceryl isostearate, POE trioleate POE (20) sorbitan, isostearyl glyceryl ether, water, myristyl alcohol, DPG, POE hydrogenated castor oil, BG, isostearyl pentaerythryl glyceryl ether, isostear Cholesteryl acid, POE oleic acid (6) sorbitan, succinic acid, phenoxyethanol





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