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● If you use it before commuting to work or school, you can stay cool and comfortable while you are on a crowded train or on the move. 
● Just by spraying on your clothes, the cooling sensation component (l-menthol) gives you a cool and pleasant cooling sensation * 2 when you sweat. 
● Deodorizes the smell of sweat on clothes * 3. 
● Sterilizes bacteria on clothing * 4. 
● A refreshing citrus scent. 
● Large capacity 370mL that can be fully used. 
* 2 The feeling of coldness differs depending on the individual. 
* 3, 4 Only when sprayed, the effect is only in the wet area. 
* 4 Not all bacteria are sterilized.

How to use

(1) Turn the stopper in the center to OPEN. 
(2) Spray on the entire clothing at a distance of 10 cm or more from the clothing. (A guideline is 3 to 5 sprays per location.) It is effective to spray on clothing that is easy to sweat, such as armpits, back, and neck. It can be used even while wearing clothes.
(3) After use, return the central stopper from the OPEN to the original position. 
If you feel that the number, strength, or duration of the cold sensation is insufficient, spray again. 

[When disinfecting and deodorizing clothing] 
Keep at least 10 cm away from clothing and spray on areas of concern about 3 times each time. 
* Do not spray a large amount on the same area. 
* There are individual differences in how you feel cold and stimulating. 
* When spraying while wearing clothing, be careful not to get it directly on your skin. 
* Avoid use for people with alcohol hypersensitivity, especially those with sensitive skin, and infants. 
* If sprayed slowly, it may not become mist.

Precautions for use

● Keep out of reach of children and people with dementia. 
● Be careful of accidental ingestion by children and people with dementia. 
● Do not use for any other purpose. 
● Do not use near fire. (Use after the clothes are completely dry.) 
● Do not use a large amount of fire in a room where fire is used. 
● Do not use in a car or other enclosed space. 
● This product is for clothing only, so do not use it directly on your skin. 
● If your clothes are dirty or have stains, they may cause ring stains, so remove any deposits before using. 
● Avoid leather, fur, artificial leather, and Japanese clothing. 
● Check inconspicuous areas in advance for fibers that are sensitive to water, such as silk and rayon, and those that may cause discoloration or color transfer. Also, do not layer clothing that is prone to discoloration or color transfer on top of the sprayed clothing. 
● If you have sensitive skin, try a small amount in advance and check that there are no abnormalities on your skin before using. 
● Do not use on areas with abnormal skin (wounds, burns, burns due to sunburn, etc.). 
● When spraying on a place that comes into direct contact with the skin, make adjustments such as reducing the number of times. 
● If it does not suit your skin, discontinue use. 
● Do not use on clothing that touches thin skin or mucous membranes. 
● If it gets on the floor, table, or resin products, wipe it off immediately as it may discolor. 
● Do not use upside down. 
● Store in a cool place, avoiding the inside of a car, a place with high temperature, or a place exposed to direct sunlight.




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