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A spray-type glue that can be easily glued when ironing.
The clothes are crispy and the finish lasts a long time.
For partial finishing such as collars and sleeves.
Eri and sleeves are less likely to get dirty.
Does not burn even at high temperatures.

How to use

● Check the temperature of the iron.
● Be sure to check the clothing handling label.

-Silk, rayon, items that cannot be washed with water or at home-Items
with the handling label below

> My Kaji Style: New handling label
● Spray about 20 cm away from clothing and immediately iron with “dry”.
● Repeat spraying and ironing for a firm finish.
* Can be used in combination with [Washing glue] and [Smoother] .

Remove the red stopper and use


Heat-resistant polymer, silicone, fragrance

Precautions for use

● Do not use for any other purpose.
● Be sure to wipe it off with a household cleaner several times as it may cause slippage if it gets on the floor or tatami mats.
● Keep out of reach of children.
● Be careful where you put it to prevent accidental ingestion by people with dementia.
● Use with good ventilation. Be careful not to inhale.
● Depending on the clothing, it may cause stains, so try it in an inconspicuous place. If it becomes a stain, wash it off with water.
● Do not use this product in an iron.




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