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A milky lotion type glue that can be glued with a washing machine.
It can be glued evenly and has a crisp and authentic finish.
Depending on the amount used, you can get the desired hardness.
Large items such as sheets and tablecloths can also be glued together with a washing machine.
You can also use fabric softener together.
A gentle lavender scent.

How to use

In the case of a washing machine

When the rinse water is clean, add an appropriate amount of this product, turn it for 3 minutes, and dehydrate it lightly.

1. After washing, leave only the clothes you want to glue.
2. 2. Set for dehydration when you want to wash at a low water level . When water has accumulated, add an appropriate amount of this product. * For drum-type washing machines, be sure to follow the instruction manual for the washing machine.

In the case of wash tub
1. 1. Pour enough water to cover the clothes, and add this product to dissolve it.
2. 2. Dip the clothing and lightly press it to spread the liquid throughout.
3. 3. Lightly dehydrate.
* The effect does not change even if dehydrated. The shorter the dehydration time, the less wrinkles will occur.

Estimated amount of use

Determine the amount of glue used according to the type and number of clothes.

1 sheet / cover: (standard) 13ml (hard) 30ml
skirt / trousers 1: (standard) 13ml (hard) 26ml
shirt / blouse 1 piece: (standard) 4ml (hard) 8ml
polo shirt / T-shirt 1 sheet: (standard) 3 ml (hard) 6 ml

● One cap is about 46 ml.

Precautions for use

● Do not use for any other purpose.
● Keep out of reach of children.
● Be careful where you put it to prevent accidental ingestion by people with dementia.
● Wash your hands thoroughly after use.
● Do not put in the fabric softener inlet.
● Be sure to rinse the washing tank and dehydration tank after use.
● If the undiluted solution gets on your clothes or if drops fall on the drying area, wash them off with water before they harden.
● If liquid gets on the screw part of the bottle, it may harden and may not open, so wipe it off immediately.
● Do not tumbler dry the glued clothing.




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