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Dehumidifying + deodorizing just by placing it!
● A special combination of Bincho charcoal and activated carbon as a dehumidifying agent. Removes moisture and odors.
● A general-purpose type that can be easily placed anywhere, regardless of location.

How to use

① Remove the upper paper force bar and cut along the drill line.

② Peel off only the silver film. (Do not remove the white moisture permeable membrane on the lower side)

③ Use the cover as a cap to protect the white moisture permeable membrane. * Be sure to use it on a stable and flat place.

[Treatment after use]
● Break the white moisture-permeable membrane with scissors, etc., and be sure to drain the accumulated liquid (calcium chloride aqueous solution) into the drain with water. (Do not hang on plants.)
● Dispose of containers and covers according to local garbage disposal rules.
● Drain the charcoal into a net such as a triangular corner so that the charcoal does not flow into the drain.

[Effective period of dehumidification]
3 to 6 months (depending on the season)
* Depending on the temperature and humidity, water may not accumulate as a guide. Please be sure to replace it within one year.
* If you use the product beyond the replacement guideline, it may overflow.

[Standard dehumidification amount (water equivalent)]
420 mL (at 25 ° C and 80% humidity)


Calcium chloride, activated carbon, Bincho charcoal

Precautions for use

● Be careful of mischief, accidental ingestion and accidental ingestion of infants.
● Use on a stable and flat place. Do not leave it down. There is a risk of liquid leakage, floor stains, discoloration / deterioration of clothing / leather products, and metal rust.
● Wash clothes and futons with liquids with water (dry cleaning is not possible), and remove unwashable items and places by repeatedly wiping with water and dry until they are no longer sticky.
● Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
● Black floating matter (precipitate) may occur in the calcium chloride aqueous solution.
● Do not leave it down.





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