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Dehumidify + deodorize shoes!
● A special combination of Bincho charcoal and activated carbon as a dehumidifying agent. Removes moisture inside shoes and odors such as sweaty odor.
● Since the drug becomes jelly-like, you can see the dehumidifying effect at a glance.

How to use

● Be sure to put the white moisture-absorbing surface down and put it in your sewn shoes.
* Do not use for wet shoes. Be sure to take it out when you put on your shoes.
● When the white grains disappear and the whole becomes jelly-like, replace it.

[Usage environment]
Use in an environment where the airtightness is as high as possible.

[Dehumidification effective period]
1 to 2 months
(It depends on the season and humidity even in the same place of use.)
* Be sure to replace it within 6 months.

[Standard dehumidification amount (water equivalent)]
35 g x 4 sheets (at 25 ° C and 80% humidity)

[Preservation method]
Avoid direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity, and store in a sealed state. This product absorbs moisture when opened, so use all (4 sheets) at a time.

[Disposal after use] After
use, dispose of it according to the local garbage disposal rules.


Calcium chloride, water retention agent, activated carbon, Bincho charcoal

Precautions for use

● This product cannot be eaten.
● Be careful of mischief and accidental ingestion of infants.
● If the chemical gets on clothing or metal or spills, wash it off thoroughly with water.
● Do not take out the medicine or handle the medicine bag roughly. Should the bag be damaged, discontinue use. Liquid may leak, stain shoes or deteriorate leather products.
● Do not stain, wet or press the white hygroscopic surface. Do not allow shoe cream, deodorant spray, waterproof spray, etc. to adhere. It causes the liquid to seep out.
● Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.





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