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● For shiny hair to the tips. A dense hair oil that is not sticky and is smooth and cohesive with organic argan oil (* 1). Contains amino keratin (* 2) to repair damage from the core of the hair.
● Sweet berry floral scent
● Damage repair / glossy hair up to the tip of the hair / moisturizes and cohesive
● “Glossy UP, as a styling” For
styling finish, apply to the tip of the hair for smooth and cohesive hair. Adjust the amount for wet style.
● “For repairing damaged hair”

* 1 Argania Spinosa kernel oil (moisturizing ingredient), * 2 Steardimonium hydroxypropyls hydrolyzed keratin, keratin (wool), isostearoyl hydrolyzed keratin (wool) (repair ingredient)

How to use

(1) After towel drying Take about 2 pushes (semi-long) on ​​the wet hair and attach it to the center of the hair.
(2) Apply to the entire hair and finish with a hairdryer.


Dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, Argania spinosa kernel oil, mango seed oil, opuntiafix indica seed oil, pouteria sapota seed oil, γ-docosalactone, steardimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed keratin, keratin (wool), hydrolyzed keratin (wool) Wool/feather), Isostearoyl hydrolyzed keratin (wool), honey, (hydrolyzed silk / PG-propylmethylsilanediol) crosspolymer, (dihydroxymethylsilylpropoxy) hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed silk, isononyl isononanoate, soybean sterol, Diphenylsiloxyphenyltrimethicone, dimethiconol, water, PEG-3 Dimethicone, quotation-18, behentrimonium chloride, propanediol, fragrance


・ Carefully check that you have no abnormalities on your skin before using.
・ Should you have an abnormality such as a wound, swelling or rash on your scalp, do not use.
・ Should you observe any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, color loss (white spots etc.) and skin darkening during or after use, it is recommended that you discontinue use and consult a dermatologist. increase.
・ Be careful not to get this in your eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately without rubbing. If you feel a foreign body in your eyes, please consult an ophthalmologist. Do not store in places with extremely high or low temperatures or in direct sunlight.
・ Keep out of reach of children.
・ It may become cloudy at low temperatures, but there is no problem with the quality. Please use after returning to room temperature.
・ Please note that it will be slippery if it touches the floor.
・ Do not turn on or dry the fan heater that takes in indoor air in the room you are using. The volatile components contained in it may be sucked into the fan heater, causing ignition failure or extinguishing the fire on the way.
・ Beware of fire




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