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Weak-acidic cleansing material to wash sensitive skin gently and mildly.
Shampoo for face and body, washing gently with moisture by soft and fluffy bubble.
Just pushing pump for bubble to come out, then you can wash and clean dirt and stains easily with one hand without putting a burden to skin.
With window of the bottle, you can clearly see the remaining amount.
The bottle body adopts a double-layer structure design, and an inner bag is designed inside the bottle. The entire pregnancy cream is packed in the inner bag. Using the vacuum tube concept, the more pressure in the bag will help the product to be squeezed out, so use the final bag The remaining cream is almost completely squeezed out and will not be wasted.
No fragrance / color-free / low stimulation / paraben free / mineral oil-free / oil-based surfactant-free

How to use

Pressing the nozzle will produce fine foam. It can be washed quickly with only one hand. When you first use it, press the nozzle several times until the foam comes out. After dampening the body, take an appropriate amount of foam on the palm of the hand, spread the foam all over the body, and then rinse with water. This product does not irritate the eyes, even if it is on the body or face, just rinse with water.


Amino Acid Washing Ingredient (Mild cleansing components), Moisture Amino Acids・ Lipidure・Trehalose (Moisture retention components), Baby’s Emulsion (Ceramide・Cholesterol・Phospholipid・Triglyceride) (Moisture retention & Protection components)




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