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The essence in SPA Treatment Minceur Serum PLUS can diffuse to subcutaneous fat, natural herbal extracts and minerals can improve the activity of lipolytic enzymes, breakdown the fat into liquid waste, through the blood and lymphatic system, excrete as urine. The body, can ultimately achieve the purpose of reducing size.

Xemenoic acid is a kind of plant raw material extracted from the seeds of sandalwood. Not only can enhance the cell detoxification and antioxidant capacity, but also help the cellulite tissue tightening, reduce orange peel lines, embossed lines etc., can tighten the lines, so that the skin more firm and smooth.

Carefully extracted 15 kinds of herbal extracts, to tackle body fat, reduce the size of fat cells. Fully diffusion, require no massage and cleaning. Help the body detoxify, improve antioxidant power. This product can make body slim and improve skin quality.

How to use

1. Before sleeping, shake well and take appropriate amount. Apply on areas you want to be thin. Drinking more water is recommended on that day using the product, to increase number of urination as to boost metabolism.

2. After an hour or sleep through the night, measure the areas to confirm the effect.


Xemenoic acid: To enhance cell detoxification and antioxidant capacity, reduce orange peel lines, embossed lines etc. 15 kinds of herbal essence: To tackle the body fat, reduce size of fat cells




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