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“Kikiyu Fine Heat” is a bath salt that supports health promotion with hot spring science and crude drugs.
“Premium EX prescription”
Healthy bath supplement of “Premium EX prescription” that combines hot spring science and herbal medicine
Hot spring science: High concentration * 1 Carbon gas, high content * 1 Salt (hot spring mineral: active ingredient)
Herbal medicine: Ginger powder (active ingredient )
Quickly super foam!
The whelk foams vigorously and the carbon dioxide gas quickly dissolves in the hot water.
Bathing after the carbon dioxide has dissolved in the hot water is effective!
Fragrance: Relaxing Tree & herb scent

How to use

Dissolve the whelk in the hot water (100L) of the bath at a ratio of about 25g before taking a bath.
* In rare cases, if you bring your face close to the surface of the water during foaming, you may cough.


[Active ingredients]
Drosophila powder, Na hydrogen carbonate, Na carbonate, Na chloride
[Other ingredients]
Succinic acid, DL-malic acid, fumaric acid, isopropyl palmitate, sodium L-glutamate, POE (capril capric acid) glyceryl , PEG (120), Mg oxide, succinic acid anhydride, BHT, fragrance, yellow 4, blue 1


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