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Gray hair that covers the hairline and dividing line. A comb-type hair dye that is easy to use before going out. It is difficult to adhere to the scalp even when used from the roots, and the hair can be dyed just by combing. After use, the hair dye will not stick too much on the hair, not sticky, and the effect is more natural. Does not change the volume of hair, can easily and fully cover gray hair before going out.

How to use

  1. Turn the main body and remove the cap. Apply as it is.
    * Do not shake the container.
  2. Apply to areas of concern such as hairline and divisions where white hair is a concern.
    Please use for dry hair. Stand the container against the scalp and apply from the root to comb the white hair.

How to color

  1. Apply repeatedly 5 to 10 times, shifting the position little by little until the white hair is covered.
    * By using the hairline (1 cm), you can use it for about 30 times.
    ★ If you find it difficult to color
    * Apply while pulling on your hair.
    * If there is volume, lightly press and apply.
  2. After applying, it will dry in a few minutes, so be careful not to touch it with your hands.
  3. After use, close the cap tightly and store it with the cap down.
    If the cap is loosely tightened or stored with the cap facing up, it may be difficult to remove it next time.


Ethanol, water, benzyl alcohol, (Acrylate / Dimethicone) copolymer, lactic acid, caffeine, Bukuryotake extract, Zeniaoi flower extract, hydrolyzed conchiolin, BG, Otaneninjin root extract, royal jelly extract, gagome extract, fragrance, (+/ -) Black 401, Purple 401, Orange 205, Red 227, Yellow 4




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